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Lost/Unclaimed/Returned Shipments

If your shipment has been lost by the USPS and the delivery confirmation report shows a non-delivery then we will reship at no cost to you.

If the shipment is claimed to be lost and the delivery confirmation shows "delivered" please contact us. We will verify the shipping label and work on a solution with you. We cannot guarentee free replacment in this case. This type of issue is handled on a case by case basis.

It is suggested that customers have their orders shipped "signature only" if they have had delivery problems in the past or who want to ensure delivery. We aren't responsible for stolen mail. To request a "signature only" shipment, you must request this service in the "notes" field of the order page.

If for some reason the customer is requested to pick up a package at their local post office and does not follow through and the package is lost or destroyed as a result, we are not responsible.

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