Driven by Personal Passion

Planet Peptide – In Loving Memory of Our Brother & Son, Chad 6/13/88 – 9/4/2022

Planet Peptide isn’t your typical research company. We’re driven by a powerful personal mission, inspired by the life experience of someone close to us – our founder, Chad.

Chad’s story is a stark reminder of the healthcare system’s shortcomings. At a young age, he battled severe symptoms that were often misattributed to other causes. Tragically, these crucial signs were overlooked.

Chad’s experience wasn’t unique, and it fueled our determination to pioneer research in critical areas. We’re dedicated to ensuring no one has to endure what Chad did.

Chad’s inspiring fight ignited a fire within Planet Peptide. We’re committed to using metabolic and neuropeptides to unlock new possibilities in research.

His story is a powerful reminder of the need for early detection, better treatment options, and the incredible potential of new therapies. It fuels our passion to push the boundaries of peptide research.

We are committed to transparency, integrity, and excellence in all we do. Our mission is to provide high-quality, research-backed products to help advance research and development of new drugs.